Penn Math Math 425: Partial Differential Equations Spring 2011

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Text: H. F. Weinberger, A First Course in Partial Differential Equations: with Complex Variables and Transform Methods, Dover paperback (paperback reprinted from the 1965 edition); ISBN-13: 978-0486686400
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Content: The heart of this course is to achieve some real understanding of the wave, heat, and Laplace equations. The emphesis will be on mathematical and physical insight and ideas, not complicated formulas.

Prerequisites & Review Material

Exams: There will be two in-class exams, from 12:00-1:20 on

You may always use one 3"x5" card with handwritten notes on both sides
No Final Exam.

Course and Homework Grading

Some References: books, articles, web pages

Some notes (1965!) from a course like our Math 240 (there are typos.)
DeTurck's Math 425 for 2010
Some Important PDEs
JLK Australia 2008 Notes (for a slightly more advanced course)
DeTurck notes on first order PDE's
ODE's: Generalities on Linear ODE's   DeTurck Notes
Coupled Oscillators   Many Oscillators   Vibrating String   Periodic Solutions
Inner Product: print version   (display version)

Fourier Series Examples
PDE: Change Variables: print version   (display version)
Hear the Shape of a Drum Google search on: Gordon "Shape of a drum"
Spherical Harmonics (Wikipedia) ,
Wave Eq in R^3 and R^2
Radon Transform

Homework Assignments: Some Homework Solutions

Exams: (you may always use one 3"x5" card with notes on both sides)
Spring 2011 Exam 1,     condensed,   (solutions).
Spring 2011 Exam 2,    condensed   (solutions)