Jonathan Block - Research Articles

Explicit construction of homotopy limits in dg-categories.
*-Quantizations of Fourier-Mukai transforms.
A Weyl character formula in KK-theory.
Milnor descent for dg-categories of cohesive modules.
A Riemann Hilbert correspondence for infinity local systems.
Duality and equivalence of module categories in noncommutative geometry II.
Duality and equivalence of module categories in noncommutative geometry.
Higher Todd Classes and Holomorphic Group Actions.
Mukai duality for gerbes with connection.
On the generalized Nielsen realization problem.
Mukai duality for noncommutative tori
Rational homotopy type of mapping spaces and Andre Quillen Cohomology.
Arithmetic manifolds of positive scalar curvature
Large scale homology theories and geometry.
Homotopy invariance of Novikov-Shubin invariants.
Remarks concerning the Baum Connes conjecture.
Homotopy theory and generalized duality for spectral sheaves.
Aperiodic tilings, positive scalar curvature and amendability of spaces
Characteristic classes and diffeomorphisms of bounded distortion.
Quantization of foliations
Equivariant cyclic homology and equivariant differential forms
Excess intersection in equivariant bivariant K-theory.
Equivariant bicycles on singular spaces
Cyclic homology of filtered algebras
Asymptotic pseudodifferential operators and index theory.
Mayer-Vietoris sequences in cyclic homology of topological algebras.
Spectral subspaces of automorphism groups of type I factors.