' MATH/CSE 313/513, Spring 2005

Math 313/513 / CSE 313: Computational Linear Algebra (Spring 2005)

Faculty: Jerry L. Kazdan
Telephone: (215) 898-5109
email: kazdan AT math.upenn.edu
Office Hours: Wed. 10:30-11:30   (and by appointment) in DRL 4E15
TA: Elena Bernardis, Office: DRL 4C11
email: elber AT math.upenn.edu
Bernardis Math 313 web page

Text: Gilbert Strang, An Introduction to Linear Algebra, Third Edition
Wellesley-Cambridge Press, ISBN 09614088 9 8

Software: MATLAB and Maple.

Some References: books, articles, web pages

Homework Assignments:

classroom displays

Course Exams:
Exam 1 (PDF) (March 3)
Final Exam (PDF) Friday, April 29, 1:30-3:30

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