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Coming soon/eventually... Foundations of Topological Data Analysis -- see the teaser, joint with Vidit Nanda

NEW! The Calculus GREEN Project: single-variable calculus videos: Volume 1 : Asymptotics

The Calculus BLUE Project : a video-text on multivariable calculus on YouTube

Volume 1 : Vectors and Matrices : Table of Contents

Volume 2 : Derivatives : Table of Contents

Volume 3 : Integrals : Table of Contents

Volume 4 : Fields : Table of Contents

Applied Dynamical Systems videos Volume 1 and the LO-REZ Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4.

Dynamical Systems Simulations on YouTube

OLD/BUSTED: prof/g's hand-drawn, animated Calculus: Single Variable

all video lectures available on YouTube


NEW! the pushout of mathematics and art on the art page

I am a founding member, board member, and treasurer of the AMR : the Association for Mathematical Research. The AMR is a professional organization dedicated to supporting mathematics research & scholarship. membership in the AMR is free and open to all who share our mission: please join!

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