Chiamavi 'l cielo, e 'ntorno vi si gira
mostrandovi le sue belleze etterne
e l'occhio vostro pur a terra mira
onde vi batte che tutto discerne

  1. 2022/Aug: Penn Gazette article on flipped calculus courses at Penn.
  2. 2022/June: Penn student improves a Ghrist calculus video with addition of beatsaber: really, best level ever, with bonus material including strawberry fields and sheaves.
  3. 2022/May: Ghrist helps generate new tools for modelling opinion dynamics over networks.
  4. 2022/Apr: Ghrist wins the Trustees Council for Penn Women Advising Award...
  5. 2022/Feb: Ghrist starts an NSFW ASMR youtube channel... hmmm...
  6. 2021/Oct: Ghrist has strong opinions about sheaves...
  7. 2020/Aug: Kevin Knudson and I debate about What Makes Mathematics Beautiful (via Pairagraph)
  8. 2019/Nov: Ghrist makes an appearance in the fabled History of David Rittenhouse Labs at Penn
  9. 2019/Sept: Rare video of Ghrist being a pretentious art-poseur and explaining the hidden secrets of the EAT text.
  10. 2019/Mar: Yay! It's My Favorite Theorem! WOO!
  11. 2018/Aug: Ghrist is faculty co-directorof the Penn First Plus Program for 1st-generation and/or low-income students.
  12. 2016/Sep: Ghrist gives a talk on topological data analysis in 2009. Seven years later, and it is "especially burned into my brain" : then again, the author no longer does mathematics, so... cavete. 
  13. 2016/May: Ghrist takes break from topology to become analyst (of mythopoeic arthurian legends)
  14. 2016/Apr: Ghrist speaks at the Philadelphia Science Festival "Science: 2066" program on Topological Data Analysis.
  15. 2016/Feb: Ghrist is awarded the 2016 James Crawford Prize in Teaching by the MAA EPaDel
  16. 2016/Feb: Ghrist really really hopes to make Mathematics fun. Don't give up, Ghrist! Don't! Give! Up! (the Daily Pennsylvanian)
  17. 2016/Feb: `I know, right?' Ghrist says, rolling his eyes (the Daily Pennsylvanian)
  18. 2016/Jan: Ghrist reaches the masses with complicated Mathematics. (Penn News)
  19. 2016/Jan: Ghrist, leader in topology, changes the face! -- of Mathematics education... (Philly Voice)
  20. 2015/Sep: This professor can teach anyone calculus with his mad illustration skillz!!! by the MadStone at GIZMODO.
  21. 2015/Jul: Ghrist has been named a National Security Science & Engineering Faculty Fellow by the US Department of Defense (now called the Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship).
  22. 2015/Jul: Article on Ghrist's research & fashion sense in the Penn Gazette
  23. 2015/Mar: Ghrist helps engineering students kick butt.
  24. 2014/Nov: Ghrist gives the Gauss Lecture in Karlruhe, Germany.
  25. 2014/Oct: Article in MAA Focus Magazine on Ghrist's calculus reform.
  26. 2014/May: Ghrist lobbied on Capitol Hill on behalf of NSF mathematics funding.
  27. 2013/May: The Chronicle of Higher Education features Ghrist in a sensationalist bid to stir up controversy about MOOCs.
  28. 2013/Jan: Ghrist's Coursera Calculus featured in the New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer.
  29. 2013/Jan: Ghrist awarded the Chauvenet Prize for mathematical writing.
  30. 2012/Dec: Coursera Calculus featured on boingboing and the today show...
  31. 2012/Aug: Ghrist taught a mini-course on symmetry groups to 7th-8th grade girls at Penn's GEMS Program
  32. 2012/May: Ghrist will be teaching Calculus: Single Variable via Coursera starting January 7, 2013. Sign up for free!
  33. 2012/May: Ghrist delivered the Vincent Meyer Lecture at the Technion on Topological Tools for Signals and Sensors. watch the video!
  34. 2012/Jan: Expository talk "Music of the Spheres" for Penn's Engaging Minds program at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons: watch the video!
  35. 2011/Dec: article about Ghrist's teaching in Penn Engineering News Magazine (pdf, see page 12, or see a short summary in html)
  36. 2011/Aug: Ghrist talks on "Putting Topology to Work" at the Young Mathematicians' Conference (link has video of talk / slides)
  37. 2011/July: Nice writeup about the F(unny)L(ittle)C(alculus)T(ext) at Penn's Under the Button
  38. 2011/Apr: Ghrist gives a public lecture on the Mathematics of Holes at the 2011 International Science Festival in Edinburgh
  39. 2011/Mar: President Gutmann mentions Ghrist's involvement in Penn's new Integrated Studies Program for undergraduates.
  40. 2011/Mar: Ghrist speaks to high school students @ UTexas' Saturday Morning Math Group on "T/F : True/False : Twitter/Facebook : the Mathematics of Social Circuits" (link is to pdf flier)
  41. 2011/Jan: Ghrist speaks on the Beauty and Utility of Mathematics at the British Museum in London
  42. 2011/Jan: Ghrist teaches! students! well!
  43. 2010/Dec: Ghrist (and his calculus class) appear briefly in a Penn promotional video
  44. 2010/Sep: Ghrist interviewed by John D. Cook
  45. 2010/Jun: Ghrist gives lecture series at Colorado College [video1][video2][video3]
  46. 2010/Apr: Ghrist is the 8th Norbert Wiener lecturer at Tufts University
  47. 2009/Nov: Ghrist delivers a brief address to Presdient Gutmann & the University Council on Mathematics & its Applications
  48. 2009/ Oct: Ghrist is the innaugural Milton Wing lecturer at Rochester University
  49. 2009/Sep: Ghrist delivers a 60 second lecture at Penn on "Why is Mathematics Useful?"
  50. 2009/May: Ghrist wins the S. Reid Warren teaching award at Penn for educating engineers
  51. 2009/Jan: Ghrist gives a public lecture on sensor networks at the IMA in Minneapolis [video]
  52. 2008/Sep: Beautifully-written article on a Paradiso of Mathematics
  53. 2008/Jun: Ghrist moves to the University of Pennsylvania to accept the Andrea Mitchell University Professorship in Mathematics and Electrical & Systems Engineering
  54. 2007/Dec: de Silva & Ghrist named a "SciAm50" winner by Scientific American magazine for applications of homology to sensor networks
  55. 2007/Oct: Ghrist is named a Richard & Margaret Romano Professional Scholar by the University of Illinois
  56. 2007/Jun: Ghrist delivers a public lecture at the National University of Singapore
  57. 2007/May: Article in Science News on topological sensor networks
  58. February 2007: Ghrist named as a UIUC "University Scholar" for 2006-2008
  59. 2007/Jan: Ghrist to speak at the "Current Events Bulletin" at the AMS National Meeting in New Orleans
  60. 2006/Dec: An article in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society generates an AMS press release
  61. 2006/Nov: Ghrist makes the local newspaper
  62. 2006/Oct: Article in Information Week discusses sensor networks, mathematics, and algorithms. If you prefer Italian, check this out...
  63. 2006/Oct: Ghrist is on the steering committee for CAESAR: the Center for Autonomous Engineering Systems And Robotics
  64. 2006/Oct: Ghrist is the lead PI on the DARPA SToMP project
  65. 2006/Sep: Ghrist uses topology. Really!
  66. 2006/May: Ghrist to speak at the ICM in Madrid, Spain
  67. 2004/May: Ghrist receives a PECASE from President G. W. Bush
  68. 2003/Aug: Article in Science on Ghrist's use of topology in robotics