prof-g has been busy, busy, busy, building you tools for calculus... here's what he's got so far:

1) V-TEXT of CALCULUS BLUE: MULTIVARIABLE: a new type of video-text... available to all on YouTube:

Volume 1 : Vectors and Matrices : Table of Contents

Volume 2 : Derivatives : Table of Contents

Volume 3 : Integrals : Table of Contents

Volume 4 : Fields : Table of Contents

Also in progress (kinda stalled out)... CALCULUS GREEN: SINGLE-VARIABLE:

Volume 1 : Asymptotics

Volume 2 : Integration

Volume 3 : Applications

Volume 4 : Discretization

2) a physical text for Calculus BLUE -- the CALCULUS BLUE GUIDE [link to Amazon] a physical book full of teaching notes, learning objectives, practice problems, and hundreds of sample quiz problems and answers. this supercedes the previous-generation E-TEXTs for phones, tablets, & laptops, available at the kindle store. VOLUME 1: Vectors & Matrices, VOLUME 2: Derivatives, VOLUME 3: Integrals, and VOLUME 4: Fields.

3) CALCULUS: Single Variable: an entire semester's worth of single-variable calculus lectures, hand-drawn and animated, excellent for use in a flipped classroom. lecture videos, at the C:SV YouTube channel.
PRINT MATERIALS: the remnants of the old single-variable PennCalcWiki, converted to pdf notes (large pdf, with pics and exercises).

4) the FLCT (funny little calculus text): 45 pages of poorly-drawn calculus chaos available via google's play store. it's from the Old Days. it's worth what you pay for it...

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