i have been doing mathematics-inspired art for some time, in large part to improve my research and teaching.
i've recently begun archiving my mathematical art work under the alias colimit...
neither this website nor youtube/insta/twitter is an ideal venue for archiving artwork, so...
i think that publishing tokens (which don't depend on permissions or maintenance to persist) is worth exploring.
after all, arxiv preprints are essentially tokenized papers (though on a centralized server)...

  1. all tokens on the ethereum chain under colimit.eth; (see also profile at opensea)
  2. more experimental work on tezos chain under colimit.tez
  3. a gallery of the icons from Elementary Applied Topology (with explanatory notes)
  4. a gallery of some  quasiperiodic crystals (based on Penrose tilings)
  5. a gallery of graphics from Topological Data Analysis (in progress)
  6. a gallery of videos from Applied Dynamical Systems (coming soon)
  7. a lot of live graphics up at the AMR website, especially under AMR reviews and AMR YouTube

if you are interested in tokenizing/archiving/displaying your work, i can recommend:

experimenting on the tezos chain at objkt: low-cost, energy-efficient, with a good tech/art community. 
use the Temple wallet to manage your tokens. 
tezos is a very friendly, low-stres, linux-like chain.  no drama; no scams.  

definitely check out oncyber for 3D/VR/AR galleries to post your work. 
works with tokens on ethereum, tezos, and more...

if you can ignore the NFT/monkeypic hype, the ethereum chain has a lot of benefits.
it is a little more costly and stressful to use, but it's the standard.
if you do mint on ethereum, i recommend manifold studios, which allows you to write/own your own smart contract

for example, here is the code for the COLIM EAT contract, for publishing artwork from the EAT text

if you are interested in tokenizing your work, i have a bit of advice:

  1. get a hardware wallet and connect your browser wallets (metamask, temple, etc) to it, please!
  2. be careful! mistakes are semi-permanent on a blockchain. think before minting...
  3. have an identity: use an ENS name (i am colimit.eth) and/or a tezos domain (i am colimit.tez)
  4. build cool stuff! who cares what others think... just build cool stuff