what follows is prof-g's resources for Calculus BLUE [multivariable calculus]

the CALCULUS BLUE GUIDE [link to Amazon] a physical book full of teaching notes, learning objectives, practice problems, and hundreds of sample quiz problems and answers

SYLLABUS: [.pdf] a written ordered list of topics covered in the Calculus BLUE project...

SCHEDULE: [.pdf] a detailed 14-week semester schedule for teaching from the Calculus BLUE project...

DISCUSSION PROBLEMS: [.pdf] an extensive list of in-class active-learning discussion questions for teaching out of the Calculus BLUE project...

RECITATION PROBLEMS: [.pdf] an extensive list of recitation problems for TA's teaching out of the Calculus BLUE project... (courtesy of Jacob Nibauer, 2020)

LECTURE NOTES: [.pdf] a set of handwritten notes from the Calculus BLUE project videos... (courtesy of Jacob Nibauer, 2020)

FINAL EXAM 1, FINAL EXAM 2, FINAL EXAM 3 [.pdf] sample final exams used by prof/g when teaching out of the Calculus BLUE project...

VIDEOS: a list of chapter headings for the Calculus BLUE project... (links go to video chapter openings)

These videos pair with the CALCULUS BLUE GUIDE or, if you prefer, the older E-texts, comic-book-styled multivariable calculus for your phone/laptop. Calculus BLUE: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4 now available at Amazon

Volume 1 : Vectors and Matrices

Volume 2 : Derivatives

Volume 3 : Integrals

Volume 4 : Fields

calculus BLUE copyright robert ghrist, 2015-2019; all rights reserved, worldwide.

calculus BLUE is published by Agenbyte Press, Jenkintown, PA