In the fall '20 semester, I am teaching math 123, an academically based community service class (ABCS) class offered in partnership with the Netter Center. This semester we are working with Paul Robeson High School. Here is the syllabus.

In the spring '21 semester, I will be teaching math 619, a graduate class in algebraic topology. Last summer, together with Herman Gluck, we organized an online bridge workshop in algebraic topology aimed to prepare students for the 618-619 graduate sequence, which was geared toward beginning graduate students, undergraduates with some background in topology, and anyone else with an interest in topology.

Past teaching

At the University of Pennsylvania:

Spring 2020: Math 730, Graduate Topics Course
Fall 2019: Math 410, Complex Analysis
Spring 2019: Math 619, Graduate Algebraic Topology III (Homotopy Theory)
Spring 2019: Math 370, Algebra

At Johns Hopkins:

Spring 2018: Math 106, Calculus I for biology
Fall 2017: Math 727, Topics in Algebraic Topology
Fall 2017: Math 615, Graduate Algebraic Topology I
Spring 2017: Math 422, Representation Theory
Spring 2017: Math 616, Graduate Algebraic Topology II
Spring 2016: Math 422, Representation Theory
Spring 2016: Math 401, Advanced Algebra I
Fall 2015: Math 328, Non-Euclidean geometry inquiry based learning (IBL) style
Fall 2015: Math 401, Advanced Algebra I
Spring 2015: Math 107, Calculus II for biology
Fall 2014: Math 328, Non-Euclidean Geometry, inquiry based learning (IBL) style

At the University of Chicago:

As an instructor:
Winter 2014: Math 176, Geometry IBL, co-taught with John Boller
Spring 2013: Math 112, Studies in Mathematics
Winter 2012: Math 153, Calculus III
Fall 2012: Math 152, Calculus II
Spring 2012: Math 112, Studies in mathematics
Winter 2012: Math 106, Precalculus II
Fall 2011: Math 105, Precalculus I

As a college fellow:
Spring 2011: Math 256, Basic Algebra III (mentor: Liang Xiao)
Winter 2011: Math 255, Basic Algebra II (mentor: Rina Anno)
Fall 2010: Math 254, Basic Algebra I (mentor: David Constantine)

Directed Reading Program:
I was a committee member and mentor for the Directed Reading Program (DRP).

I had the pleasure of supervising the following students (undergraduates back then):
Jay Shah
Elden Elmanto
Bill Zhou

I supervised the following projects:
Fall 2013: Bill Zhou, Algebra and basic algebraic topology
Spring 2013: Elden Elmanto, Chromatic homotopy theory
Winter 2012: Elden Elmanto, Algebraic K-theory
Fall 2012: Elden Elmanto, Atiyah-Segal completion theorem
Spring 2012: Elden Elmanto, Cohomology operations
Winter 2012: Elden Elmanto, Advanced algebraic topology
Fall 2011: Elden Elmanto, Model categories
Spring 2011: Jay Shah, Model categories

At Bard College, I worked as a math tutor for the Bard Academic Resources Center.