Seminar organization

I co-organize the Geometry-Topology seminar at Penn (with Herman Gluck and Davi Maximo).

Together with Herman Gluck, we also organize an informal weekly seminar for graduate students on connections between geometry and homotopy theory. During the summer of 2020 we organized an online bridge seminar in algebraic topology.

During 2014-2018, I organized the Johns Hopkins Topology Seminar, (in 2014 co-organized with Carl McTague).

Directed Reading Program

In the fall of 2019, together with Thomas Brazelton, we organized a PILOT Directed Reading Program (DRP) at Penn. This program will continue every semester onward, and is currently being organized by Thomas Brazelton and George Wang. Note that applications for undergraduate participants are open in the first week of each semester on the website. The Penn DRP was featured in OMNIA magazine.

In 2017-18, I organized a PILOT Directed Reading Program at Johns Hopkins.The program has continued on and is now being run by Apurva Nakade, Daniel Fuentes-Keuthan and Tslil Clingman, who have all been mentors since the pilot DRP semester.

As a graduate student at UChicago I was a committee member and a mentor for the DRP program during 2010-2014. For more information on the projects I mentored, see my teaching page. The DRP programs I helped start at Johns Hopkins and at the University of Pennsylvania are inspired by the DRP program that I was a part of at the University of Chicago. There are many DRPs running in the country now, for a list, check out the DRP network page

Conference and workshop organization

Mid-Atlantic Topology Conference
April 18-19, 2019, University of Pennsylvania (postponed due to COVID-19)
Co-organized with Jonathan Block, Rob Ghrist, Ben Knudsen, Tony Pantev
PI on NSF conference grant DMS-2017119

Midwest Topology Seminar/MayDay
October 5-6, 2019, University of Chicago
Co-organized with Anna Marie Bohmann, Emily Riehl, Andrew Blumberg, Niles Johnson, Akhil Mathew, Dylan Wilson

This conference was in honor of Peter May's 80's birthday.

Workshop on Math Advice and Networking at the University of Pennsylvania (womanUP)
September 28, 2019, University of Pennsylvania
Co-organized with Julia Hartmann

This is an event catered toward undergraduate women from all institutions who are applying to math graduate school this fall or are thinking of applying to math graduate school in the future. We hope to turn it into an yearly event.

Together with Julia Hartmann, I co-authored an article about this event in the Notices:
Widening the Pipeline, (with J. Hartmann), Notices of the AMS (Early Career section), Volume 67, Number 11, (2020).

The Second Mid-Atlantic Topology Symposium
12-13 March 2016, Johns Hopkins University
Co-organized with Nitu Kitchloo, Jack Morava, Emily Riehl and Steve Wilson.
Co-PI on NSF conference grant DMS-1619569

I was also a co-editor for the resulting proceedings volume:
New directions in homotopy theory, (Editors N. Kitchloo, M. Merling, J. Morava, E. Riehl, S. Wilson), Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 707, (2018).

We hope the Mid-Atlantic Topology conference will continue in future years, rotating between Hopkins, UVA, Penn, and Northeastern.