Robin PEMANTLE'S Personal Page

Three poems

Love, and the Vacuum

Some mosaics

Songs of memory

The States, in alphabetical order
this one, seen on TV, started it all
The Presidents, in order of appearance
The kids asked for this, so they could learn the U.S. presidents
The Elements
By Tom Lehrer
African countries, circa 2003 -- sung by Maria
Hurry up and learn before it's out of date
History of the World
Americocentric summary in 34 verses
The plays of Shakespeare
This is Alistair Cooke...

Math and PoliSci Songs by RP

Don't Think Twice, It's All Wrong
A Bob Dylan sendup on undergraduates
Dream a Little Dream of Math
Love song to a math nerd, to a famaliar tune
North Hall Story
Officer Krupke song, rewritten for faculty nogoodnicks
Prove me a Lemma
To the tune of "Cry Me a River"

Other Songs

U. of Chicago math drinking song
I've Looked at Light from Both Sides Now
Apologies to Joni Mitchell
The zeta song
Highly educational for non-analysts

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