MATH 116: Honors Calculus

  Fall 2012

University of Pennsylvania

Textbook: Calculus, Volume I, by T. Apostol

Course Policies and Information
Course Material Syllabus
Old Homework Assignments (Homework sets 1 through 5)

Homework Set 6 (Due Oct 25)
Homework Set 7 (Due Nov 1)
Homework Set 8 (Due Nov 8)
Homework Set 9 (Due Nov 29)
Homework Set 10 (Due Dec 6)
Differential Equations Practice Problems

Extra Credit I (Due Nov 20)
Extra Credit II (Due Dec 4) There was a problem with #11; see addendum.
Addendum to Extra Credit II
Extra Credit III (Due Dec 19)

Textbook excerpts: Chapter 14, Chapter 8

Old Exam I: 2008, 2009
Old Exam II: 2008, 2009

Formula sheet that will be provided on the Final

Final Exam Date/Time/Location: Wed. Dec 19, 12-2p, LRSM/Aud (94)

Brian's Office hours for Finals Week:
Thursday Dec 13: 3-5pm
Friday Dec 14: Noon-2:30
Tuesday Dec 18: 3-5pm

Brian's Review session:
Friday Dec 14, 3-5pm Room: DRL 4C6

List of Basics (essential definitions and facts) that you are required to know.

Ways to get extra math help

Instructor: Brian Weber, brweber AT math dot upenn dot edu
Office: DRL 4N67
Office Hours: Mon 2-3, Tues 4:30-5:30, Wed 4-5

TA: Jake Robins, robinsj AT math dot upenn edu
Office: DRL 3W3
Office Hours: TBA