Teacher Preparation Materials Resource Page

The purpose of this site is to collect the materials used in the Teacher Preparation Mathematics courses at OSU (Math 105-6-7), and Wisconsin (Math 130-1-2), each being a three-course sequence (arithmetic/geometry/quantitative reasoning) for pre-service teachers,

To the OSU Math 105 Materials page

To the OSU Math 106 Materials page

To the OSU Math 107 Materials page

To the Wisconsin Math 130 Materials page

To the Wisconsin Math 132 Materials page

General small-group and Socratic discussion teaching advice

Robin Pemantle's best advice and bag of tricks for classroom management

A (broken link to a) great site for science teaching activities

A selection of middle school math contest problems published by Black Pine Circle (solutions available upon request from Robin Pemantle)

Here are some links to other educational resource pages. Let me know if you know of others I should list, since at the moment all I know of is:


Resources on Probability and the real world, developed by J. Laurie Snell et al at Dartmouth

Henri Picciotto's Math Ed page>

Picciotto is a free-lance Mathematics Educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area

SCRUNCH: A math activity for first-graders

A prime number sorting game

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