Spring 2017: On leave at IHP for the program "Combinatorics and Interactions".
Fall 2016:
Math 580 Combinatorics.
Putnam Competition Problem solving sessions -- weekly meetings announced here.
Spring 2016, Math 240 Differential equations and Linear Algebra.
Fall 2015,
Math 580 Combinatorics.
Putnam Competition problem solving sessiosions. (usually Wednesdays 4:30-6pm in DRL 4E9)
Spring 2015, Math 581 Topics in Combinatorics -- Algebraic Combinatorics.
Fall 2014: Math 580 Combinatorics.

Spring 2014, Math 285N: Algebraic Combinatorics
Fall 2013, Math 170A Probability Theory
Winter 2013, Math 164 Optimization
Fall 2011: Math 180 Combinatorics
At Harvard, as a Teaching Fellow:
Spring 2011: Math 21b, Linear Algebra.
Spring 2010: Math 99r, Algebraic Combinatorics: Symmetric Functions, TF.some handouts
Spring 2009: Math 21b, Linear Algebra with Differntial Equations, TF. some handouts
Fall 2008: Math 277, Combinatorial Representation Theory, (course assistant).
Spring 2008: Math 19a, Modeling and Differential Equations for the Life Sciences, TF. some handouts.