Workshop: Local-Global Principles and Their Obstructions

Organizers: D. Harbater, J. Hartmann, D. Krashen, R. Parimala, V. Suresh
October 1-3, 2015
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

The workshop will take place at the Mathematics Department of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

The event is mainly targeted at graduate students and young researchers, but everyone is welcome to attend. There will be introductory lecture series on techniques and approaches related to local-global principles, e.g. cohomological invariants, patching, etc. These will be given by the organizers; they will be complemented by a few more advanced research talks (by Asher Auel, Yong Hu, and Diego Izquierdo).
This workshop is partially funded by NSF via the FRG Obstructions to Local-Global Principles and Applications to Algebraic Structures. A major purpose of the workshop is to identify and prepare graduate students and young researchers who would like to join our efforts on this FRG project.

Further information:

Please direct any questions to Julia Hartmann (hartmann AT