MATH 240: Calculus III, Fall 2019

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Course information

Syllabus: .pdf

Instructor: Davi Maximo         E-mail: d + maxim at
Office: DRL 3E2                      Office hours: Monday 1-2pm, or by appointment.

TA: Yidi Wang                          E-mail: yidi + wang at
Office: 3N4A                            Office hours: Monday 3-5pm.

Willy Fan                           E-mail: fan + willy at
Office: 2C8                              Office hours: Monday 10-12pm.

Tue-Thu 10:30-12 pm DRL A1

Recitations: Section 201, W 8-9am DRL 4E19;
                    Section 202, W 9-10am DRL 4E19;
                    Section 203, F 8-9am in DRL 4E9;
                    Section 204, F 9-10am DRL 4E9;
                    Section 205, W 8-9am DRL 4N30;
                    Section 206, W 9-10am DRL 4N30;
                    Section 207, F 8-9am DRL 4E19;
                    Section 208; F 9-10am DRL 4E19.

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