MATH 170: Ideas in Mathematics

  Fall 2013

University of Pennsylvania

Course Syllabus

Homework Assignments

Homework Due Sept 5:
   Section 1.4, #8, #15
   Section 2.1, #11, #24, #26

Worksheet 1, Due Sept 26

Worksheet 2, Due Dec 13

Extra Credit I, Due Nov 26

Extra Credit II, Due Dec 13

Textbook segment with some of the homework problems

Exam I from 2012.

Exam II from 2012.

Final Exam from 2012

Final Exam: DRL A1 on Friday, Dec 13, 9-11am

Instructor: Brian Weber
Office: DRL 4N67
Office Hours: Mon 2-3p, Tues Noon-1p, Wed 1-2p, Thurs 9-10a
Email: brweber AT math DOT upenn DOT edu

TA: Rob Cohen
Office: DRL 3C17
Office Hours
: Mon noon-1p, Tues 1:45-2:45p, Wed 2-3p
Email: coro AT sas DOT upenn DOT edu