Math 371, Spring 2019

Algebra, Final exam: 05/08, 12pm-2pm at DRL A2

Course structure:
Syllabus: This is the second half of a year long course in algebra, with emphasis on topics concerning groups, rings and fields. We will cover symmetry (chapter 6), advanced group theory including the Sylow's theorems (chapter 7), some fundamentals on rings and modules (chapter 11, 12, 14), basics on fields and Galois theory (chapter 15, 16) and some optional topics including Lie group (chapter 9), representation theory (chapter 10). The basics of linear algebra (as covered in Math 370) will be assumed.

The goal of the class is to develop intuition from concrete examples and apply the power of abstraction to solve problems.

Final exam of 370 Fall 2018

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Midterm1 Solutions

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Midterm2 Solutions

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