Yao-Rui's About Me: Take 2 (A subdirectory of Yao-Rui's Webpage)

More about my name

My name is pronounced "Yau-Ruay", although I respond to "Yau" and "Yau-Ruee" as well.

This is my actual name: 楊曜瑞.

In case you find my Chinese name too hard to write, try writing my name in Bopomofo: ㄧㄤˊㄧㄠˋㄖㄨㄟˋ .

Some other stuff

In general any tabletop or non-FPS video game will pique my interest. I mainly play platformers, RPGs, and multiplayer strategy games.

I am an advocate of mental abacus (珠心算). This was how I learned to count, and it helps a lot in mental calculations. Try the practice exams! You are only allowed three minutes per page.

There are 88 keys on a standard modern grand piano (Bösendorfer anyone?). That may be the reason why I set the maximum width of my webpage to 88%.