Yao-Rui's Webpage (?)

4C15 David Rittenhouse Laboratory
yeya [at] math [dot] upenn [dot] edu

About Me

I am a math graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania.

I am broadly interested in special functions arising from number theory. I sometimes study special functions in combinatorics and physics too.

Here are some stuff I am currently thinking about: multizeta values and $t$-motives; spherical harmonics in MEG signals.

Outside math, I am involved in piano performances and transcriptions. I am a member of Penn Chamber.

Teaching and Tutoring

I am available for tutoring in math and music if you currently aren't a student in my class; email me if interested.



Here are my oral exam transcript and oral exam practice problems.

Here is a collection of fun short puzzles (compiled with Alon Benhaim), best suited to mull over coffee break.

Here are some notes for various mathematical events.