Math 410 Complex Analysis

Basic Information

Instructor: Lechao Xiao

Email: xle (at) math(dot)upenn(dot)edu

Office: DRL 3N4C

Office Hours: Wed 10-11am and by appointment

Lecture: TTh 3:00-4:30pm, DRL 4C4

Course Information

Course Website: Course materials/communications will be posted on Canvas:

Syllabus: here

Text: Complex Analysis, Joseph Bak and Donald J. Newman, Third edition

Course Description: We plan to cover the first 12 Chapters of the book, starting with the properties of complex numbers. We will then proceed to power series, analytic (holomorphic) functions and their properties, complex integrals, the Cauchy Theorem, the Cauchy Integral Formula, Laurent expansions, residues, and contour integrals. Further topics such as conformal mappings, the Riemann Mapping Theorem, time permitting.

Grading Policy

Your grade for the course will be determined based on the following factors:

Two Midterm Exams : 25% each
Final Exam: 30%
Homework: 20%


Midterm Exam I: In class, Thursday Oct 1st.

Midterm Exam II: In class, Tuesday Nov 3rd.

Final Exam : In class, Tuesday Dec 8th.


There will be weekly homework and will be around 10 homework assignments in total. Homework assignment is due by 4pm on Friday in our TA's mailbox, with the first one due on Sep 11th. Collaboration on homework assignments is encouraged, but any work you turn in must be your own. If you collaborate with other students, please write down their names. Late homework will not be accepted but I will drop two of your lowest homework scores.

Important dates

Aug 27th, first day of class

Sep 11th, first homework due

Oct 1st, Midterm exam I

Oct 9th, Drop Period ends

Oct 8th, No Class (fall break)

Nov 3rd, Midterm exam II

Nov 6th, Last day to withdraw

Nov 25th, No Class (Thanks giving)

Dec 8th, Final Exam