Mathematics for the Physical Sciences

This book of mine was first published in 1962, and I used it as a text for a first-year graduate level course in mathematical methods at the University of Illinois. It went out of print in 1975, and was republished in 1978 by Dover Publications, as a paperback. In the spring of 2006 it will again be available from Dover, and an appropriate link to their website for purchase will be available here when it is ready. In the meantime you can download the entire book from this page, at no cost. It is a 282 page book, and what is offered here is a complete Acrobat file, of about 5.5 Mb.

If you download the book you are agreeing to the following terms:

This book is Copyright © 1962, 1990 by Herbert S. Wilf. Reproduction of the downloaded version is permitted for any valid educational purpose of an institution of learning, in which case only the reasonable costs of reproduction may be charged. Reproduction for profit or for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. It is not permitted for a web site other than this one to offer the book directly for downloading. Other web sites are cordially invited to link to this page, but must not take the file and offer it themselves.


1. Acrobat is full-text searchable. You can search the whole book for any text string by hitting CTRL-F and entering the string.

2. If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer then right-click on the link above and choose "Save target to". If that doesn't work, use Netscape.

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