Lecture Notes

Here is a set of lecture notes called "East Side, West Side, ...", which are about the generation of combinatorial objects and Maple programming that gets the job done. These notes formed the basis of half of a junior course that I have recently given, and they are about 60 pages long (Version of August 15, 1999). You can download them as an Adobe Acrobat file. By doing so you are agreeing to the following terms: 

  • The notes are copyright 1998, 1999 by Herbert S. Wilf.
  • This material may be reproduced for any educational purpose, multiple copies may be made for classes, etc.
  • Charges, if any, for reproduced copies must be just enough to recover reasonable costs of reproduction.
  • Reproduction for commercial purposes is prohibited.  

  • Note: Towards the end of these notes are some pages that are in color. If you intend to print out the notes, then for those pages at least, use a color printer if possible.

    Accompanying these notes is a Maple package "EastWest" for the generation of combinatorial objects. This package will do any of the six functions Count, List, Rank, Random, Unrank, Successor, on any of the seven combinatorial families

    or 42 tasks altogether. Additional families can easily be incorporated into the package. Comments and bug reports are invited. The package is a Maple file "EastWest.m". To use the package,

    1. 1. Download it to your computer.
      2. Open a Maple worksheet.
      3. Enter
                        read `/your path.../EastWest.m`;
        in a line on the worksheet.
      4. Enter
        to view a description of the functions that are available.

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