The book "generatingfunctionology"


This book was originally published by Academic Press in 1990. A Second Edition appeared in 1994, and the Third Edition is now available from the publisher or from your favorite bookstore.

The Second Edition can be downloaded from this page. If you download the book you are agreeing to the following terms:

Copyright 1990, 1994 by Academic Press, Inc.;
Copyright 2004 by Herbert S. Wilf; Copyright 2006 by A K Peters, Ltd.

Reproduction of the downloaded version is permitted for any valid educational purpose of an institution of learning, in which case only the reasonable costs of reproduction may be charged. Reproduction for profit or for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. It is not permitted for a web site other than this one to offer the book directly for downloading. Other web sites are cordially invited to link to this page, but must not take the file and offer it themselves.

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or, download a version of the book that is fully internally hyperlinked, which makes a much nicer experience out of reading on line. This file is also much smaller than the other, but if you have any problem with it then get the version above.
1. Be sure to set your Acrobat Reader to show the bookmarks that are included with this file. They enable you to click your way around in the book from section to section. To do that, while viewing the book, choose "Bookmarks and page" from the View menu of your Acrobat Reader (may be on another menu on some versions).

2. Acrobat is full-text searchable. You can search the whole book for any text string by hitting CTRL-F and entering the string.

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