Zhuo Wang (Jimmy), Ph.D.

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Ph.D. Advisor: Dr. Daniel Lee

Applied Math and Computational Science Program
Department of Mathematics
University of Pennsylvania



ESE 650 TA (2013S, 2014S)
AMCS/MATH 608 Grader (2012F)
MATH 114 TA (2011S)
MATH 104 TA (2010F)


IBM Ponder This (Link Outside) Monthly math/coding puzzles.
Using your Head is Permitted (Link Outside) Monthly math/coding puzzles.

Contact Information

David Rittenhouse Lab, Suite 1N1, S 209 33rd St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19104, USA
Email: wangzhuo /at/ sas /dot/ upenn /dot/ edu
Phone: (215)746-4023

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