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Welcome to my webpage

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania working with Julia Hartmann. Starting in July 2019, I will be a tenure-track assistant professor at the Mathematical Institute of Utrecht University.

My research is in arithmetic geometry and algebraic number theory. You can find out more by going to my Research page. Apart from doing mathematics, I like playing ultimate frisbee and playing the piano.

Recently I was interviewed for a (Dutch) podcast about life as a mathematician. You can find the podcast here.

On June 16-22, 2019, I am co-organising the workshop AMS MRC: Explicit Methods in Arithmetic Geometry in Characteristic p, with Renee Bell, Julia Hartmann, Padmavathi Srinivasan, and Isabel Vogt.

Mailing address
David Rittenhouse Laboratory
University of Pennsylvania
209 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia PA 19104-6395

Office 4N55

Phone number +1(215)898-5976

Email vkarem"at"

Last updated: 27 May 2019.