Math 314 -- Home Page

Instructor: Tony Pantev
Lectures: MW 9am-10:30am, Goddard Lab, room 101
Office: 3E4 David Rittenhouse Laboratory
Office Hours: MW at 4-5pm and by appointment.
Email address:
Office phone: (215) 898-5970

Info pages for undergraduate math:


Course guide:

Teaching Assistants:

  1. Main textbook: Sergei Treil Linear algebra done wrong
  2. Sheldon Axler Linear algebra done right , Springer, 3rd edition
  3. Kenneth Hoffman, Ray Kunze Linear algebra
  4. Additional handouts to be posted on this page.


Grade formula:
  • 15% homework
  • 10% quizzes
  • 5% class participation
  • 30% midterm
  • 40% final

Grades will be posted on Canvas.

Laboratory Sessions: These are scheduled every week on Tuesday or Thursday evening, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, in rooms DRL 3C2 and 3C4. The labs will serve as problem sessions where you will discuss difficulties in the problem set from the previous week and will get a head start on the next homework set. Attendance will be taken.

Homework: Homework is an important part of this course. Homework problems will be posted weekly each Monday on this page. The homework assigned during a certain week is due in DRL 4W1 in your TAs mailbox by 1pm on Friday of the following week. No late homework can be accepted. The lowest homework score is dropped. Students will be asked to present homework problems in class and recitations. The homework grade is 50% for completion and 50% for grading of a random problem from each assignment. In any given week, there might be some lucky student who did only one problem, and that would be the one we picked to grade. And there might be the student who solved 9 out of 10 problems correctly, and we happened to pick the 10th... This should balance out over the semester. Please hang on to your graded homework. If at the end of the semester you find you have been consistently unlucky, bring us the pile of all your assignments and we will adjust your grade. You may work together in small groups of your own choosing on these problems, although each student's write-up should be his/her own. On each assignment you hand in, write down the names of anyone you collaborated with.

Quizzes: Every other week the lab session will include a short quiz on a problem similar to the homework that was due before that recitation session.

Exams: We will have two exams for the course. A midterm exam which will take place during lecture on February 19, and a regular final exam which is currently scheduled for 12-2pm om May 7.