Papers on active learning

Study from PNAS (Deslauriers et al., 2019)

Study from PNAS (Freeman, et al., 2014)

PCAST report (executive summary); see recommendation 1.

A short description of Michigan's program

Eric Mazur's paper on long term project on active learning in physics

Research paper by Springer, Stanne and Donovan on small group learning

Research paper by Karlsson, Lithner, Jonsson and Nyberg on durability of discovery learning (2015)

Resources (thanks to Peter Hyland for these)

Types of activities other than small group problem solving or large group discussion

Bloom's Taxonomy
Discussion of Bloom's Taxonomy

On the use of Student Evaluations in the evaluation of faculty teaching

My Policy

Meta-analysis of faculty's teaching effectiveness: Student evaluation of teaching ratings and student learning are not related.   Bob Uttl, Carmela White and Daniela Wong Gonzalez (Studies in Educational Evaluation, 2017)

Gender Bias in Teaching Evaluations.   F. Mengel, J. Sauermann and U. Zoelitz (J. Eur. Econ. Assoc., 2019)

What’s in a Name: Exposing Gender Bias in Student Ratings of Teaching.   L. MacNell, A. Driscoll and A. Hunt (Innov. Higher Ed., 2015)

An Evaluation of Course Evaluations.   P. Stark and R. Freishtat (SCIENCE OPEN RESARCH, 2014).

Student evaluations of teaching (mostly) do not measure teaching effectiveness.   A. Boring, K. Ottoboni and P. Stark. (SCIENCE OPEN RESEARCH, 2016)

Statistic from the Harper's Index (May, 2016)