To view the worksheets and assignments, click on the Day-by-Day outline.

The first column, "Day/Activity", contains a numeral for each day; click on this to see the in-class work for that day.

The sixth column, "Assignment due", contains a clickable list of assignments.

The MyMathLab assignments are listed as "pre-hwk" but the actual assignment is in MyMathLab and is available for copying under the course ID pemantle01957.

The course notes are linked below, as are a handful of miscellaneous pdf files. The last one of these, the Study Packet, is important. It fulfills the same role as the "core problems" in 103-104-114. That is, it contains problems that the students can work on a voluntary basis, which will aloow them to practice the necessary skills and test themselves as to their understanding of these.

The course is broken into 12 units of roughly one week each. To see the materials organized by unit, click "weekly handouts".

The TeX source files for all the pdf's are present and can be copied by name even though you can't see them. Alternatively you can get them from me via Dropbox.

This list of course materials was last updated 27 April, 2015.

-- Robin

Day-by-day outline
Weekly handouts

Course notes
Log cheatsheet

Study Packet