Solving Equations

This is based on an expository article based on a lecture I gave to undergraduates at the University of Montreal and the University of Pennsylvania.
A shorter version appeared in the M.A.A. Monthly, January 1998.

This article is available in several different formats
1. 11 point type: pdf

2. 12 point (larger) type: postscript file [Useful to make a "2up" landscape copy.]
In this version the first page is deliberately blank, so, with the appropriate software, one can print as a booklet. On Linux I use "psbook" followed by either "psnup" or "pstops" (I prefer pstops since it is more customizable).

NOTE: Using Ghostscript (available free for PCs, Macs, & Linux) one can print PostScript and pdf files on non-PostScript printers.