Partial Differential Equations: Outline
ICE-EM / AMSI Summer School 2008

Faculty: Jerry L. Kazdan

Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) arise in many applications to physics, geometry, and more recently the world of finance. This will be a basic course.

In real life one can find explicit solutions of very few PDEs -- and many of these are infinite series whose secrets are complicated to extract. For more than a century the goal is to understand the solutions -- even though there may not be a formula for the solution.

The historic heart of the subject (and of this course) are the three fundamental linear equations: wave equation, heat equation, and Laplace equation along with a few nonlinear equations such as the minimal surface equation and others that arise from problems in the calculus of variations.

We seek insight and understanding rather than complicated formulas.

Prerequisites: Linear algebra, calculus of several variables, and basic ordinary differential equations. In particular I'll assume some experience with the Stokes' and divergence theorems and a bit of Fourier analysis. Previous acquaintantance with normed linear spaces will also be assumed. Some of these topics will be reviewed as needed.

References: For this course, the most important among the following are the standard general texts by Strauss and Evans.

A First Course:
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More Advanced
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