Postdoctoral Advising


  • Marino Romero, NSF Postdoc, Penn, Fall 2019- Spring 2020, Fall 2021-Spring 2023.


  • Per Alexandersson, Postdoc at Penn, January 2015-March 2017.
    Supported by a grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenburg Foundation (located in Sweden).
    Current Position: Postdoc, KTH.

  • Sami Assaf, NSF Postdoc, Penn, Fall 2007.
    Current Position: Associate Prof. of Math., USC.

  • Jason Bandlow, Lecturer, Penn Fall 2008 - Spring 2011.
    Current Position: Google, Inc..

  • Quanjie Dou, Visiting Scholar at Penn, August 2019-August 2020.
    Funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council.
    Current Position: Associate Professor of Math., Jilin University.

  • Nick Loehr, NSF Postdoc, Penn, September 2003- June 2005.
    Current Position: Professor of Math., Virginia Tech University.

  • Lynnell Matthews, Lecturer, Penn January 2003 - June 2005.
    Current Position: Manager, Implementation of Math Techbook with Discovery Education.

  • Emily Sergel, NSF Postdoc, Penn, Fall 2016- Spring 2019.
    Current Position: Assistant Teaching Professor of Math., Rutgers University.

  • Vasu Tewari, Radamacher Instructor, Penn, Fall 2019- Fall 2020.
    Current Position: Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Math., Univ. of Hawaii.

  • Greg Warrington, NSF Postdoc, Penn, September 2003-August 2004
    Current Position: Associate Prof. of Math., University of Vermont.

  • Andy Wilson, NSF Postdoc, Penn, Fall 2015- Spring 2018.
    Current Position: Tenure-track Assistant Prof. of Math., Kennesaw State University.

  • Martha Yip, Lecturer, Penn Fall 2011 - Spring 2014.
    Current Position: Tenure-track Assistant Prof. of Math, Univ. of Kentucky.

  • Philip Zhang, Visiting Scholar at Penn, Fall 2018- Summer 2019.
    Supported by the Tianjin Normal University Funding for Scholars Studying Abroad.
    Current Position: Tianjin Normal University.