Prof. Dr. Julia Hartmann

Fay R. and Eugene L. Langberg Professor in Mathematics
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Mathematics

DRL 4N38

E-Mail:Hartmann AT
Phone: (215) 898 7847
Office hours by appointment.

Teaching (Fall 2023): Math5020 (Abstract Algebra)and Math7020 (Topics in Algebra: Algebraic Function Fields).

Preprints & Papers

Activities: I serve as the faculty sponsor of the Penn AWM student chapter. Together with Maxine Calle and Marielle Ong, I organize the GeMs in Math, group group of grad students, postdocs, faculty, and visitors in the Mathematics Department at the University of Pennsylvania who identify as gender minorities - and everyone who is an ally. (Penn Current Express article about the predecessor, Women in Math). You can also read about me and my outreach here.

Upcoming Events:

AGNES at Penn, October 13-15, 2023.

Other Recent Events:

AMS MRC Explicit methods in arithmetic geometry in characteristic p. Related articles here and here, and a video here.
Math Women with a Mission , September 11, 2019.
WOMAN UP!: Workshop on math advice and networking at UPenn, September 28, 2019.
UP GRADe: Workshop for undergraduates from underrepresented groups who are thinking about applying to math grad school, UPenn, October 30, 2021.
Penn FEW workshop Resourceful Women in Math with Kathryn Hess and Malabika Pramanik, April 24-26, 2023.