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Antonella Grassi

Recent papers:
Higher Dimensional Elliptic FIbrations and Zariski Decompositions , with with D. Wen, 1--12, 2019
Non simply-laced symmetry algebras in F-theory on singular spaces, with J.Halverson, C. Long. J. Shaneson and J. Tian, JHEP, 1--47, 2018
On topological invariants of algebraic threefolds with (Q-factorial) singularities, with T. Weigand, 1--35, 2018
F-theory on Quotient Threefolds with (2,0) Discrete Superconformal Matter , with L. B. Anderson, J. Gray, P-K Oehlmann, 1--60, JHEP, 2018
On the Hodge conjecture for hypersrufaces in toric varieties, with U. Bruzzo, 1--11, Comm. An. and Geom, in Honor of K. Uhlenbeck, to appear, 2017
Existence and density of general components of the Noether-Lefschetz locus on normal threefolds, with U. Bruzzo and A. Lopez, 1--16, IRMN, to appear.
Terminal Singularities, Milnor Numbers and Matter in F-theory with P. Arras and T. Weigand 1--47, Jour. Geom. Phys., 2017
Dualities of Deformed N=2 SCFTs from Link Monodromy on D3-brane States with J. Halverson, F. Ruhele, and J. Shaneson, 1--48, JHEP, 2017
Discrete Symmetries in Heterotic/F-theory Duality and Mirror Symmetry with M. Cvetic, M. Poretschkin, J.H.E.P., 1--25, 2017
Origin of Abelian Gauge Symmetries in Heterotic/F-theory Duality with M. Cvetic, D. Klevers, M. Poretschkin, P. Song, J.H.E.P., 1--52, 2016
The Noether-Lefschetz locus of surfaces in toric threefolds with U. Bruzzo, 1--22, Comm. Cont. Math, , 2017.
Geometry and Topology of String Junctions with J. Halverson and J. Shaneson, J. Sing. vol 15, 36--52, 2016.
Non-Higgsable QCD and the Standard Model Spectrum in F-theory with J. Halverson, J. Shaneson and W. Taylor, 2014, J.H.E.P., no. 1, 86, 1--58, 2015.
Non-Abelian Gauge Symmetry and the Higgs Mechanism in F-theory with J. Halverson and J. Shaneson, Comm. Math. Phys., 336 no. 3, 1231--1257, 2015.
Chiral Four-Dimensional F-Theory Compactifications With SU(5) and Multiple U(1)-Factors, with M. Cvetic, D. Klevers, H. Piragua, J.H.E.P., no 10, 1--93, 2014.
Matter from geometry without resolution, with J. Halverson, J. L. Shaneson, J.H.E.P, no 205, 1--47, 2013.
Weierstrass models of elliptic toric K3 hypersurfaces and symplectic cuts , with V. Perduca, Adv. Th. Math. Physics, vol. 17, n. 4, 2013.
Anomalies and the Euler characteristic of elliptic Calabi-Yau threefolds, with D. Morrison, Commun. Number Theory Phys 2012 .
Q-Factorial Laurent Rings, with U. Bruzzo J. Appl. Pure Alg.,894--896, 2012.
Picard group of hypersurfaces in toric 3-folds, with U. Bruzzo, Int. Jour. Math., 1--14, 2012.

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