The Middle Atlantic Consortium for Mathematics and
Its Applications Throughout the Curriculum

Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
University of Pennsylvania
Community College of Philadelphia
Villanova University
Polytechnic University


At Penn
  East Side, West Side ... an introduction to combinatorial families-with Maple programming  - Herbert S. Wilf

  Lectures on the mathematics of medical imaging  - Charles Epstein from notes by Hyunsuk Kang

 Mathematics-Physics - Notes for a unified introductory course - Larry Gladney, Dennis DeTurck, and others

  Mechanics for the Health Sciences - Larry Gladney

  Thermodynamics I - Maple exercises and emonstrations - Hiam Bau

  Miscellaneous modules - Dennis DeTurck

At Villanova

    The mathematics of spherical geometry and map-making - Tim Feeman and Elaine F. Bosowski.

    Data Sets for a statistics course for Nursing Students - Tom Short

    Mathematical Connections - A Modeling Approach to Business Calculus and Finite Mathematics - Audrey Borchart and Bruce Pollack-Johnson

Teaching Real-World Problem Solving
Using Technology and Student-Generated Projects

June 24-25, 2000 (Sat.-Sun.)
Villanova University, Villanova, PA

    SteM Biology - A 10th grade mathematics and biology course - Alice Deanin and Chuck Kim

At Community College of Philadelphia

    Geometry for Design - Dot French and colleagues

At Polytechnic University

    Modules developed by K. Ming Leung


    MATC Card File - created a maintained by I. Edward Block