topological methods in applied mathematics

All talks based on research supported by the National Science Foundation and DARPA

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robert ghrist

i've converted my talk slides into pdf. you don't get the fancy animations, the jocose wit, or the interpretive dance of a real live talk, but then again, you can shut this off whenever you like...
not all talks available yet...stay tuned...

2008 : sheaves and sensors : durham

a 60 minute talk given at duke university on how to use an integration theory coming from constructible sheaves to solve data aggregation problems over networks

2007 : topological sensor networks : kyoto

a 3-hour lecture series at the rims, kyoto, on topological methods for sensor networks, including euler integration, homological coverage, and degree theory for encirclement

2007 : configuration spaces and robotics : singapore

a 2-hour tutorial delivered at singapore's national university on the topology of configuration spaces that arise in various contexts in robotics

2007 : barcodes: the persistent topology of data : new orleans

a 1-hour expository lecture for the ams "current events bulletin" surveying the recent work of g. carlsson and collaborators on persistent homology approaches to data analysis

2006 : braids and parabolic dynamics : madrid

a 45 minute talk from the international congress of mathematicians on a morse theory on spaces of braids as applied to parabolic pde's and ode's

2006 : contact topology and ideal fluids : leiden

a 1-hour talk at the lorenz institute in leiden on how contact topology tells you surprising and powerful global statements about ideal fluid flows on riemannian 3-manifolds

2005 : generic hydrodynamic instability : chicago

a brief 20 minute talk from an ams sectional meeting on applications of contact homology to the problem of "generic" instability of ideal fluids

2004 : knotted flowlines : lausanne

a 60 minute talk at the journee de rham in lausanne on the manifold ways in which periodic flowlines in differential equations can be tied into knots & links