topological methods in applied mathematics

I'm the lead investigator for SToMP: Sensor Topology & Minimal Planning. SToMP is a 4-year, $7.98M grant from DARPA's Defense Sciences Office. The goal is to create and utilize mathematical innovations to deduce global structure from local information in distributed and coordinated sensing platforms. The tools used come mostly from topology and geometry. Application domains include sensor networks, multi-agent robot coordination, and pursuit-evasion scenarios.

SToMP : Sensor Topology & Minimal Planning

robert ghrist

S. Alexander : Mathematics : UIUC

Y. Baryshnikov : Mathematical Sciences : Bell Labs

R. Bishop : Mathematics : UIUC

D. Cochran : Electrical Engr. : Arizona St.

F. Cohen : Mathematics : Rochester U.

V. de Silva : Mathematics : Pomona

M. Erdmann : Computer Science : CMU

A. Jadbabaie : Electrical/Systems Engr. : U. Penn

D. Koditschek : Electrical/Systems Engr. : U. Penn

V. Kumar : Mechanical Engr. : U. Penn

S. LaValle : Computer Science : UIUC

M. Mason : Robotics Institute : CMU

W. Moran : Electrical Engr. : Univ. Melbourne

G. Pappas : Computer Science : U. Penn

S. Weinberger : Mathematics : U. Chicago