topological methods in applied mathematics

in the news...

1. June 2008: Ghrist will be relocating to the University of Pennsylvania in Fall 2008 to accept the Andrea Mitchell University Professorship in Mathematics and Electrical & Systems Engineering.

2. December 2007: de Silva & Ghrist named a "SciAm50" winner by Scientific American magazine for applications of homology to sensor networks.

3. October 2007: Ghrist is named a Richard & Margaret Romano Professional Scholar by the University of Illinois

4. June 2007: Ghrist delivers a public lecture at the National University of Singapore

5. May 2007: Article in Science News on topological sensor networks

6. February 2007: Ghrist named as a UIUC  "University Scholar" for 2006-2008

7. January 2007: Ghrist to speak at the "Current Events Bulletin" at the AMS National Meeting in New Orleans

8. December 2006: An article in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society generates an AMS press release

9. November 2006: Ghrist makes the local newspaper

10. October 2006: Article in Information Week discusses sensor networks, mathematics, and algorithms. If you prefer Italian, check this out...

11. October 2006: Ghrist is on the steering committee for CAESAR: the Center for Autonomous Engineering Systems And Robotics

12. October 2006: Ghrist is the lead PI on the DARPA SToMP project

13. September 2006: Ghrist uses topology. Really!

14. May 2006: Ghrist to speak at the ICM in Madrid, Spain

15. May 2004: Ghrist receives a PECASE from President G. W. Bush

16. August 2003: Article in Science on Ghrists use of topology in robotics

robert ghrist

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