Brett Frankel

Brett Frankel

Graduate Student
Penn Mathematics Department
Office DRL 4C1
Office Hours By Appointment
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I am a student of Ted Chinburg in arithmetic geometry.

Description for experts: My thesis is about representations of étale fundamental groups of varieties over fields of positive characteristic into linear groups over finite fields. I am also interested in: covers of curves, quadratic forms, rational points on varieties, and nearly everything that can be described as "Galois theory."

Description for non-mathematicians: I work within a broad area of mathematics known as algebra. Within algebra, my sub-area is sometimes called arithmetic. My thesis project is counting.
Teaching at Penn:

Math 371, Fall 2013
Sections 101 M 6:30-8:30, 102 W 6:30-8:30

Math 312, Summer 2013 (course instructor)
MTWTh 10-12:10

Math 370, Spring 2013
Sections 101 M 6:30-8:30, 102 W 6:30-8:30

Math 114, Fall 2012
Sections 211 M 9-10, 212 M 10-11, 213 W 8-9, 214 W 9-10