Math 350 (Number Theory) Spring 2022

Instructor: Ching-Li Chai
Office: DRL 4N36, Ext. 8-8469.
Office Hours: M 11:15-12:00, and by appointments.

Grader: Chris Bailey
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Comments: Davenport's Higher Arithmetic, Hardy/Wright, Landau's Elementary Number Theory, and Hua's Number Theory are written in the classical style, and accessible to anyone with some exposure to calculus. (Calculus is not needed for Davenport's book, the shortest among the four. Complex analysis is used in a few sections (not chapters) of Hua's book, the longest among the four.) They are all great; which one you like better depends on your taste. If you have taken abstract algebra and analysis, Serre's A Course in Arithmetic and Kato/Kurosawa/Saito will lead you quickly to a glimpse of modern number theory. If you want a concise textbook to supplement Weissman, Baker or Vinogradov may be what you are looking for. And if you want a supplement which treats elementary number theoretic through basic ideas in abstract algebra, try Weil's small book.