Alexandra A. Kjuchukova

that was a joke


                    Department of Mathematics                                
                    University of Pennsylvania

                    209 South 33rd Street
                    Philadelphia, PA 19104-6395

                    DRL 3C11
                    (215) 573-6255
                    alkju@ math. upenn. edu


Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania, Expected May 2015, Advisor Julius Shaneson
M.F.A. in Poetry, New York University, 2010
A.B. in Mathematics, Harvard University, 2008


Graduate math
Math 500  Point-Set and Algebraic Topology (current) - TA
Math 601 Algebraic Topology I (Spring 2013) - TA
Math 600 Introduction to Smooth Manifolds (Fall 2012) - TA

Undergraduate math
Math 103 Calculus I (Summer 2012 and Summer 2013) - Instructor
Math 170 Ideas in Mathematics (Fall 2011 and Spring 2012) - TA
Math Xa - Pre-Calclulus (Harvard Summer School 2010) - Instructor
Math 1a - Calculus I (Harvard Summer School 2005-2009) - TA

Introduction to Creative Writing (NYU, Spring 2010) - Instructor
Poetry Workshop (PS 110, NYC) - Instructor

Two Poems

A poem I once wrote appears oddly coherent when everything but two
lines is excluded. The missing middle reflects my fleeting obsession
with cabbage.

You can read more about me here.