Getting Here

To the University of Pennsylvania Campus:

For detailed directions of how to get to the Penn Campus and the Mathematics and Physics Departments, please consult the Directions Webpage.

The Mathematics and Physics Departments are both located in the David Rittenhouse Laboratory (DRL) which is at the corner of 33rd and Walnut streets. If you are coming from Center City, e.g. from the Club Quarters Hotel or the Radisson Plaza Warwick Hotel, you have several options:

* Take the SEPTA city buses 21 or 42 that run along Walnut street. There are bus stops on every corner and the buses run in 10min-20min intervals depending on the time of the day. Get off at the corner of Walnut street and 33rd street. The bus ride takes about 10 minutes.
* Go to the subway station on the corner of 15th and Market streets and take the Market-Frankford subway line, westbound. Get off at the 34th street stop and walk to DRL. The subway ride takes about 5 minutes.
* Go to the subway station on the corner of 15th and Market streets and take any of the westbound trolley (green) lines. Get off at the 33rd street stop and walk to DRL. The trolley ride takes 5-8 minutes.
* Walk along Walnut street, westbound, until you reach 33rd street. The distance from 17th to 33rd streets is about 1 mile.

The SEPTA fare for the bus, subway or trolley ride is $2 payable in cash on boarding. You can also purchase SEPTA tokens at the main subway station at the corner of 15th and Market streets. Each token can be used for one fare on SEPTA buses, subway or trolleys and costs $1.30. If you are paying in cash on boarding, exact change is required.

If you are driving directly to Penn: you can park at Lot# 5. Lot #5 is accessed by turning right in the middle of the block of 33rd St. between Spruce and Walnut - just before David Rittenhouse Laboratory and the tennis courts. The daily parking cost is $11.

If you are coming to Penn from the airport:
More information on SEPTA regional rail, subway buses and trolleys.